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Apr 14 2011

Top Leading Industry Standards (1): Windows, USB and Wi-Fi


Along with the fast-growing technology, technology standardization is not only promoting technology development but also providing a clear purchase direction to consumers. According to today’s market, Allion Test Labs has collected six top industry standards and specifications here below, which includes Microsoft Windows, USB, Wi-Fi, HDMI, DisplayPort and SATA. In the first article, we will …

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Nov 03 2010

Direct Connect, Here We Come! Standards Compliance Testing for Wi-Fi Direct


For times when Internet hotspots aren’t available, the Wi-Fi Alliance is now offering certification for a new way to connect: Wi-Fi Direct™. First demonstrated at CES 2010, Wi-Fi Direct enables devices to connect directly without relying on a network access point. Furthermore, Wi-Fi Direct allows users to share data and sync at the same speeds …

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Oct 13 2010

New Wi-Fi Spectrum Coming Soon

Recently the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed a unanimous ruling that will open up vacant airwaves between TV channels for wireless applications. This is the first time in more than 20 years that the FCC has made a significant block of spectrum available for unlicensed use, and it creates exciting new opportunities for wireless devices. …

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Oct 11 2010

Happy Birthday, Wi-Fi n!

One year ago the Wi-Fi Alliance launched its Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n compliance program, creating a certification process and logo for the IEEE 802.11n standard. Within that time frame, more than 1,100 products – from cell phones to TVs to enterprise-grade infrastructure devices – have been certified, and consumers have drastically changed the way they interact …

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May 14 2009

Wi-Fi Certification Adding Value to Products, My WiFi

Ten years ago, the Wi-Fi Alliance formed. Throughout the decade, the organization has been setting standards for interoperability of IEEE 802.11 products. The alliance has also been promoting Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) as a Wi-Fi brand that represents the wireless LAN standard across the globe. In 2000, the first Wi-Fi CERTIFIED® product was announced. Since then, …

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