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Jun 01 2010

Testing TV Broadcasting Signals in Brazil

Brazil has the largest television audience in South America, spurred by the increased buying power and financial leniency stimulating Brazil’s economy. In a 2007 effort to democratize communications and promote the development of local technologies, the Brazilian government began implementing digital broadcast systems in Brasilia, Brazil’s capital city, and 16 other major cities in Brazil. …

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Jan 25 2010

New RF Stream Technology Reveals Compatibility Issues

Using the new RF stream recording technology, Allion designed a test to assess the level of television compatibility in the United States. RF signals were collected from 11 cities: Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Elgin, Englewood, Fargo, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minot, Newark and Philadelphia. We chose three major TVs sold in North America that support the ATSC …

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Jan 18 2010

New RF Stream Technology Revolutionizing TV Testing

For TV manufacturers, sustaining the claim of product quality is vital to success; however, the industry has had difficulty consistently delivering on the claim.  Broadcasting systems in different countries and regions produce different RF signals, resulting in high error rates.  Even well-known TV brands can have compatibility issues when receiving signals in different regions. While …

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