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Jan 25 2010

New RF Stream Technology Reveals Compatibility Issues

Using the new RF stream recording technology, Allion designed a test to assess the level of television compatibility in the United States. RF signals were collected from 11 cities: Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Elgin, Englewood, Fargo, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minot, Newark and Philadelphia. We chose three major TVs sold in North America that support the ATSC …

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Apr 27 2009

Localization Testing: The Smart Way to Open New Markets

Product localization involves adapting a product so it can perform under the conditions of a specific region, often by adjusting locale-specific components of the product. Underestimating or failing to invest in product localization/localization testing results in stagnant sales, retail returns, and diminished brand preference by consumers when entering new markets. By utilizing localization testing and …

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