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Aug 28 2009

Wirelessly Sync and Share with My WiFi

Intel My WiFi Technology (Intel MWT) makes it possible for users to wirelessly sync music, pictures and videos, share files and games and print within the home or while on the go. The technology doesn’t require a wireless access point. Rather, users can set up a My WiFi personal area network (PAN) wherever they may …

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Aug 25 2009

Wireless Power: Charge your phone without plugging in

Duracell recently unveiled a wireless charging station for mobile phones called myGrid. The station can simultaneously charge up to four devices. The user simply lays down the device to charge, eliminating the need for a cable. Duracell states that myGrid is as fast as USB 2.0 standard chargers, and myGrid appears to leverage USB adaptors …

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Jun 22 2009

Integrating WHDI and Wi-Fi

EE Times recently ran a piece highlighting how semiconductor company Amimon is striving to make wirelessly running HD video around the house a possibility. With several companies competing for interoperability in the wireless video space, Chairman and CEO of Amimon, Yoav Nissan-Cohen has a unique solution: “to combine wireless HD video and data.” He is …

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May 14 2009

Wi-Fi Certification Adding Value to Products, My WiFi

Ten years ago, the Wi-Fi Alliance formed. Throughout the decade, the organization has been setting standards for interoperability of IEEE 802.11 products. The alliance has also been promoting Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) as a Wi-Fi brand that represents the wireless LAN standard across the globe. In 2000, the first Wi-Fi CERTIFIED® product was announced. Since then, …

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May 07 2009

New Single-Room Wireless Connectivity Standard, WiGig, Announced

A new standards organization, Wireless Gigabit Alliance has popped onto the scene to develop a wireless standard for short distance data transfers at gigabit speeds.  Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Nokia and Panasonic are founding the group that will develop the standard for use primarily in a home entertainment or network environment. Read the announcement at CNET …

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