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May 03 2011

Key Points of Product Testing in Automobile Electronics Market: In-Vehicle Infotainment System V.S. Bluetooth Cell Phones


Along with the trend of smart portable devices, automobile electronics market is now taking a spot besides of smartphone and smart TV. Recently, the majority of people are getting familiar with the term “Smart Car”; user-friendly design that combines automobile with three fields: information, communication and entertainment. In-vehicle infotainment system is now the major trend …

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Mar 15 2011

Tablet War – Unlimited Creativity & Innovation


The 2011 world’s largest International Consumer Electronics Tradeshow was finished perfectly in Vegas; CES is used to be the best timing to show off the latest devices from various vendors. Every electronic company is in a rush to launch new products and techniques such as computers, cameras, smart phones and TVs, and here we will …

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