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Mar 27 2013

When Tele-Vision Becomes Inter-Vision: Smart TV Test Report


No More Couch Potato Now we can say that the future Internet technology and application will move toward the development of mobile entertainment devices and home entertainment devices. In “Mobile” oriented, mobile entertainment devices such as smartphone and tablet PC have significantly and successfully caused the big bang explosion in market; in “Home” oriented, lean-back …

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Dec 28 2011

The Rising Technical Standard (2): MHL


  Along with the mature high-definition video display technology, people have higher expectations on audio/video experience today. For consumer electronics (CE) devices and home entertainment products, supporting HD audio/video transmission has become an essential requirement. However, while the tendency of mobile devices’ form factor is smaller and smaller, making a product design embedded HD signal …

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Aug 23 2011

To Look at Developing Point of Technology Standardization from New Technology – TransferJet as the Example


  In our daily life, many different techniques are applied on countless electronic products to render its function. If those techniques are self-developed by each individual company, it is highly possible to limit the industry’s evolvement and the technique’s further advancement. To avoid the hydra-headed situation, the concept of“technology standardization”is thus given birth to universalize …

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Apr 01 2011

Smart TV Revolution – the Combination of Humanity and Technology

To overturn our stereotypes, Smart TV manufacturers have tried to build a bridge between traditional television set and contemporary computer. Smart TVs and Connected TVs were the most eye-catching home electronic products while Tablet PCs were the most outstanding consumer electronic products at CES 2011. Big and thin LCD screens are not the only features …

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