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Aug 04 2010

The Key to Google TV and Its Verification

Being one of the most anticipated high-tech gadgets for this year, “Google TV” is no longer a visionary invention. It finally made its debut appearance at the Google I/O Convention in May. Google TV is an integrated system which comprises the functions of a PC, Media Player and Internet Device all in one. So far, …

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May 10 2010

Testing the Google Chrome Browser

After working hard to fine-tune and crank up the speed of its offering, Google has released the latest version of the Google Chrome Browser. According to tests and technology pundits, it appears Google’s hard work has paid off, with the latest beta release giving users the fastest Chrome offering to date. Using a series of …

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Dec 04 2009

Google Chrome OS Detailed for Industry

Last week, Google held a small event at their headquarters and outlined the company’s direction for Chrome OS. Chrome OS is Google’s entry into the operating system market, joining names like Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows and many Linux variations – Ubuntu, Suse and Moblin – to name a select few distributions. Google is promoting …

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