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Aug 22 2014

“Testing & Certification”-The Driving Forces Behind The Screen!


Turn on your HDTV to watch a sports program, as if you were actually in the match. A diverse range of programs, from NBA (National Basketball Association), UEFA (The Union of European Football Associations) Champions League, to NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball), offer more entertainment choices for end users. It seems nothing special when talking about …

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Jun 23 2014

Testing on the Cloud: A Scenario-based Point of View on the Comparative Analysis of 6 Cloud Storage Services


In the age of information explosion, everyone has an easy access to all sorts of information craving, sharing, transmission and storage through the Cloud. Targeting the vigorous development of cloud computing technology, many vendors have introduced “Cloud Storage Services” to hit the market. In other words, the traditional HD and USB flash drive are old-fashioned …

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Jun 16 2014

The Comparison between Consumer SSD & Enterprise SSD


According to iSuppli, the price of NAND Flash would continue to drop in 2014. The price of Solid State Drive (SSD) that uses semi conductor such as NAND Flash as data storage device would gradually become friendlier which would improve consumer’s purchase intention and accelerate the speed of penetration rate. Ultrathin design of SSD is …

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May 26 2014

Analysis of Technology Standards of Cable and Connector& the Certification Test Points


In view of high-frequency signal, mechanical properties, electrical properties and environmental factors that change in the performance of cables and connectors, developers need a complete package of professional laboratory tests and certification programs to ensure the products that can meet the quality conditions and can perfectly show the functional characteristics. In this article about validation …

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May 21 2014

Tap-to-Connect: An Innovative Application of Wi-Fi Protected Setup with NFC


Meet Market Requirement, Upgrade Easy-to-Use & Strengthen Security Protection With the mass usage of mobile devices and wearable technologies, more and more manufacturers have incorporated Near Field Communication (NFC) technology into their basic specification, improving the rapidity and convenience of interconnection. According to market research of IHS report, the world shipments of NFC-enabled cellular handsets …

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Apr 14 2014

A Giant Step into Smart Home: A Technical and Logo Analysis of an Intelligent Home


In recent years, in addition of popular portable devices and wearable devices, another new trend gradually emerges – smart home, from the original condition of thunder, little rain, and instead began to catch everyone’s attention. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), many technologies companies join the event; where it shows how the digital audio …

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Apr 07 2014

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) System Drives You to the New Technology


Imagine this: When you are ready to drive, in-built camera in car indentifies drivers and passengers, seats adjust automatically to fit in passengers in the most comfortable way, navigator and infotainment system switch to programs according to your preference and synchronize with your smart phones and tablets, downloading music or TV shows through your portable …

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Mar 31 2014

What is UX (User Experience) & How to Increase UX (User Experience)?


What is UX (User Experience)? According to ISO 9241-210,  user experience is defined as "a person’s perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service". User experience includes all the users’ emotions, beliefs, preferences, perceptions, physical and psychological responses, behaviors and accomplishments that occur before, during and …

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Mar 24 2014

A full-range of TV Streaming Database is Ready in Allion Labs


To verify that TV RF signals could function well anyplace and anywhere, TV related companies frequently conduct field tests over the world, equipped with their own products and equipment by consuming much time and money. Aiming to help partners resolve difficulties of field test, the engineering service expert, Allion Labs started to consolidate and update …

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Mar 18 2014

CES 2014 Part II: The Alliance of A4WP and PMA Holds-up WPC Three Competitors Arise in Wireless Power World


                 Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) has launched its certification mechanism,“Rezence”, the official brand of wireless power technology in CES 2014. Apart from overcoming the first generation material and distance limitation issues, the optimized magnetic resonant techniques of Rezence empower multiple devices to charge simultaneously within a wider and longer charging distance and …

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