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Apr 29 2016

VR Gaming Systems – State of Play


Virtual Reality (VR) is trending in 2016, with multiple VR systems launching this year. Although VR applications may expand in the future, for now, the focus is primarily on VR gaming. As a result, it seems like prime time to examine the state of VR gaming systems, but rather than leading with hardware specs or …

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Apr 11 2016

HDR for a Brighter Tomorrow


“In 2010, in fall, at sunset, we came to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. The sky was slightly dark. The evening sky was decorated with projection lamps. It’s so magnificent. When we saw a flock of birds flying around the domes of buildings, my friends and I took out our camera to capture the beautiful …

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Jun 18 2015

Wireless certified™ Passpoint Release 2 Simple, Secure, Seamless mobile Connectivity


Wi-Fi Passpoint is a key enabling technology that helps satisfy increasing consumer demand for mobile broadband service. This demand is being driven by the increased use of mobile devices, such as laptops, smart phones and tablets. High-bandwidth applications, such as VoIP and video streaming, are putting an added strain on cellular networks, especially in high-density …

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Jun 15 2015

Acoustic Noise & Speaker Output Test for Gaming Laptop


When a gaming laptop is running modern games this puts a heavy load on the CPU, resulting in more heat output which can degrade or damage internal components. Manufacturers have various options to mitigate this problem, including the installation of high capacity heat sinks and fans. It takes expert knowledge to determine the optimal solution, …

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Apr 20 2015

Smart Home Testing: Allion Creates a New Smart Home Test Environment That Simulates Real Life to Provide Innovative Test Services


With the arrival of the "digital home era", people can set TV show broadcast schedules through the Internet and seamlessly link to places all over the world via mobile phones. Children can learn new things with tablets and play with interactive games. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IOT) and Cloud Services (and …

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Apr 13 2015

CES 2015 Unveils Future Technology Trends


Smart phones, which have dominated the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for the last several years, will by some accounts, lose some of their luster this year, as there are no significant breakthrough technologies among the major manufacturers. Overall, smart phones should continue to gain market share, as there is no differentiation between product specifications. …

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Dec 05 2014

HDMI 2.0 Taipei Plugfest: Product Availability and Performance


Over time, HDMI has become a dominant multimedia interface that can be found in home theater equipment, personal computers, automotive electronics, and many mobile devices. Previous iterations of HDMI conquered the consumer electronics market by squeezing HD video and Hi-Fi audio signals through a single cable. In anticipation of market demand for Ultra-High Definition (UHD) …

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Nov 17 2014

Wi-Fi Alliance CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct® Connections Provide Convenient High Speed Network Services Direct to Customers


Wi-Fi Direct® is an IEEE 802.11 wireless network protocol that supports direct wireless connections between compatible devices. Wi-Fi Direct uses peer-to-peer connections to perform common networking tasks. With Wi-Fi Direct users can quickly and securely share, print, display, and sync files between linked devices.

Nov 04 2014, the Ultimate Wired Broadband Solution?


Last century, the Internet was new and data flowed over IP to connect the world. Due to limited bandwidth, only text-based email and primitive web surfing was initially available to consumers. As networking technology advanced, multimedia content delivery became more viable and as a result, the desire for bandwidth has steadily increased. At this point, …

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Sep 01 2014

Comparative Analysis of 802.11ac Wireless Access Points


As a leading global engineering validation and consulting company, Allion has already cultivated and built strong capabilities in the field of wireless device validation and testing. With the increasing penetration of the IEEE 802.11ac wireless standard across a wide range of electronic devices, increasing the overall availability and quality of compatible wireless access points (APs) …

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