Mar 15 2011

Tablet War – Unlimited Creativity & Innovation

The 2011 world’s largest International Consumer Electronics Tradeshow was finished perfectly in Vegas; CES is used to be the best timing to show off the latest devices from various vendors. Every electronic company is in a rush to launch new products and techniques such as computers, cameras, smart phones and TVs, and here we will discuss the hottest technology product – Tablet PC.

Since the market leader iPad was released in April 2010, many other vendors are inventing different sizes and features of tablets in order to take the lead, and we have collected some attentive tablets here below.

The Motorola Xoom tablet announced itself as the first tablet which runs Android Honeycomb (3.0), and it has its external keyboard to make Xoom become a portable device.

The Lenovo IdeaPad UI Hybrid impressed with its “Hybrid Switch” technology, and a combination laptop and tablet PC designed by taking the tablet portion away from the keyboard. At the same time, the Samsung Sliding PC 7 and the ASUS Eee Pad Series use different types of design to connect tablets with keyboards. ASUS offered the most tablets at CES 2011; the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is along with excellent battery life. Moreover, the Panasonic Viera Tablet is enable to interact with Viera TV by Viera Connect, and also serves as a “visual remote control” to operate the TV and switch channels.

Not only traditional computer manufacturers such as Dell and Lenovo, but also other technology fields such as Motorola Mobility and VIZIO LED TV are stepping into the Table War this year. More than eighty types of tablets took over Vegas; we can see that the creation and technology of tablet PCs have overcome the limit of traditional computer industry.

This trend not only pushes the technology development of tablets to keep going and innovating, but also come up with various choices for customers. We will keep providing trend reviews, so please wait and see our latest Technical Direct.