Nov 03 2010

Direct Connect, Here We Come! Standards Compliance Testing for Wi-Fi Direct

For times when Internet hotspots aren’t available, the Wi-Fi Alliance is now offering certification for a new way to connect: Wi-Fi Direct™. First demonstrated at CES 2010, Wi-Fi Direct enables devices to connect directly without relying on a network access point. Furthermore, Wi-Fi Direct allows users to share data and sync at the same speeds as traditional Wi-Fi networks – as fast as 250Mbps – and at ranges of up to 200 meters. The new certification program is designed to verify interoperability, and certified products will be able to connect with older Wi-Fi products already in use.

The Wi-Fi Alliance’s video, above, shows the many ways devices can take advantage of Wi-Fi Direct.Wi-Fi-Alliance-Logo1

With several industry leaders – including Intel, Cisco and Apple – backing the technology, Wi-Fi Direct is expected to be adopted across a wide range of products, including cameras, laptops, smart phones, tables, printers and even home applications such as digital picture frames.

Allion is excited to announce our new role as an authorized test lab for Wi-Fi Direct. We have a long history of providing  standards compliance testing services for manufacturers working with IEEE 802.11 benchmarks, and we are excited to begin Wi-Fi logo testing for Wi-Fi Direct.

“Allion is capable of verifying all Wi-Fi standards such as Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and the latest Wi-Fi Direct,” said James Ou, director of Allion’s engineering service division in a recent press release. “Our goal is make the program simple for our customers and to accelerate time to market.”

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