Oct 19 2010

Consumers Eager for Wireless Charging, Despite Barriers

WildCharge wireless chargerRecently we wrote about the growing market opportunity for wireless charging devices. These products will allow customers to charge mobile devices –such as cell phones, laptops, MP3 players and more – simply by having them touching or within proximity of a shared charging station. Such devices would eliminate the plethora of cords required to power today’s digital gadgets. Furthermore, such wireless chargers could be integrated seamlessly into furniture and cars.

Consumers are more than eager for these types of products to enter the market; in fact recent In-Stat research found that consumers are becoming impatient for this technology to mature. With 44 percent of survey respondents calling current charging solutions an “annoyance” and up to 40 percent willing to pay $50 dollars more for a wireless charging device, In-Stat projects that that this market will reach $4.3 billion in total market revenue by 2014.

However, technological barriers are preventing immediate market growth. The variety of digital devices and brands makes interoperability testing a problem. Furthermore, competing technologies could foster incompatibility. Needless to say, consumers will not want to buy multiple wireless chargers for different devices. Without standardization, it could be difficult to achieve widespread adoption of wireless charging technologies.

Despite these obstacles, the wireless charging  market has such great potential and natural consumer demand that we expect it to move forward. Manufacturers will not want to miss this opportunity to provide consumers with cutting-edge charging technologies. Allion will continue to provide more information as it becomes available, and we look forward to testing and validating this new wave of devices.

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[photo: Wildcharge]