Monthly Archive: October 2010

Oct 26 2010

Web-Connected TVs Set for Takeoff


Consumers are more connected than ever, with Wi-Fi enabled laptops and cell phones providing virtually seamless Internet access. Now analysts are saying that the next wave of networked-enabled devices will be your televisions. According to a new report by DisplaySearch, sales of Internet-enabled TVs are expected to grow by more than 200 percent over the …

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Oct 19 2010

Consumers Eager for Wireless Charging, Despite Barriers

Recently we wrote about the growing market opportunity for wireless charging devices. These products will allow customers to charge mobile devices –such as cell phones, laptops, MP3 players and more – simply by having them touching or within proximity of a shared charging station. Such devices would eliminate the plethora of cords required to power …

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Oct 13 2010

New Wi-Fi Spectrum Coming Soon

Recently the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed a unanimous ruling that will open up vacant airwaves between TV channels for wireless applications. This is the first time in more than 20 years that the FCC has made a significant block of spectrum available for unlicensed use, and it creates exciting new opportunities for wireless devices. …

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Oct 11 2010

Happy Birthday, Wi-Fi n!

One year ago the Wi-Fi Alliance launched its Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n compliance program, creating a certification process and logo for the IEEE 802.11n standard. Within that time frame, more than 1,100 products – from cell phones to TVs to enterprise-grade infrastructure devices – have been certified, and consumers have drastically changed the way they interact …

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