Aug 17 2010

Solving the Challenges of Wireless Connectivity

In today’s connected society, wireless connectivity is considered a given. From our cities to our state parks, wireless access has become ubiquitous. We can connect to the Internet via our laptops, our cell phones and even our televisions. Consumers expect that their electronics and devices will be wirelessly enabled. But what does that mean for developers?

Many designers do not anticipate the challenges of developing wireless-enabled devices. Whether in the product development, design validation or testing phase, complications with wireless implementation can have a serious impact on product development time. It is not uncommon to see 3-4 month delays. These delays result in increased development costs as engineers work to sort through the kinks in order to guarantee network interoperability. And with the number of wireless-enabled devices growing every day to meet the exploding demand for Wi-Fi enabled devices, more developers can expect to face the challenges of successful wireless implementation.

Fortunately, Allion Test Labs offers comprehensive product development, validation and testing services that can help manufacturers avoid these types of development mishaps. Allion has more than 20 years of validation service experience, offering our customers end-to-end support to ensure smooth product development.  This result: faster development time, significant cost savings and, ultimately, a better product for consumers. By teaming with our engineers from the start, manufacturers can take advantage of this exploding market without risking development delays.

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