Jun 23 2010

SuperSpeed USB Adoption Poised to Take Off

For consumers looking for the latest technology, SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0) offers an exciting combination of speed and performance – up to 10x faster than Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0), optimized power efficiency and increased power delivery – and there have been a growing number of SuperSpeed USB products entering the market. According to a series of new market analyses from In-Stat, consumers won’t have much longer to wait for widespread SuperSpeed USB adoption.

In-Stat projected that the PC market will completely transition from Hi-Speed USB to SuperSpeed USB by 2014. While desktops have historically been the first to adopt new interface technologies, SuperSpeed USB adoption is expected to be driven by mobile PCs, reflecting the need for faster interfaces for external storage solutions. SuperSpeed USB is projected to take off in 2011, sweeping through the USB-enabled hard drive market by 2013. SuperSpeed USB devices will also become more affordable as shipments increase: From 2009 to 2014, prices for USB-enabled devices are projected to decrease by more than 20 percent each year.

For manufacturers, SuperSpeed USB presents a growing market with huge potential for development. Allion Test Labs has been an accredited USB-IF Independent Test Lab (ITL) since 1999, offering complete engineering, validation and compliance testing for every stage of the product design and development process. With Allion’s expertise and USB test service capabilities, manufacturers are offered a one-stop shop for product development that allows them to get quality products to market faster and take advantage of SuperSpeed USB’s growing market.

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