Jun 29 2010

Real World Interoperability Testing

Interoperability TestingInteroperability testing is a vital step in the manufacturing process. The growing variety of brands, interfaces, standards and electronic functions make it a challenge for manufacturers to ensure that their product will be compatible with other devices. To verify that a product is fully interoperable, manufacturers need to thoroughly test it using a range of real world consumer devices.

Using real world electronics instead of lab simulations provides a more accurate portrait of how a device will function once it enters the market. Testing a product using a variety of devices can help account for the variations between different regions and brands. For example, a product that is only tested and verified in the United States may not be fully compatible with products and regional standards in Japan. Without proper testing, a product may encounter several errors: Product functions may not work, audio and video may be out of sync, or the device may simply be undetectable. For consumers, encountering incompatible products can cause product malfunction and headaches, all while damaging a brand’s image.

Part of the success of Allion’s interoperability testing is the variety of devices we use for product testing. Our comprehensive compatibility testing methodology compiles more than 1,300 consumer devices from all major world markets, including the U.S., Japan, Europe, China and Taiwan. This quarterly-updated list of devices is then ranked using a series of selection criteria, including sales ranking, satisfaction ranking and features, helping to maximize efficiency and streamline the interoperability and validation process. For example, our USB Interoperability Testing verifies a product using 75 camcorders, 322 cameras, 160 keyboards and computer mice, 88 card readers, 243 storage devices, 131 media players and 45 hubs. The results of testing help Allion guide manufacturers to identify and address factors that might prevent full interoperability. The result is a truly interoperable product, regardless of specification or region.

For more information regarding Allion interoperability services, view our Real World Consumer Electronic Interoperability Testing presentation slides from last month’s HD Test Solution Seminar & Plugfest.

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