Jun 09 2010

Allion’s HDMI Testing Solution Draws Attention in Taiwan

HDMI testingAllion executives recently gave a presentation on HDMI testing at the HD Test Solution Seminar & Plugfest in Taipei, Taiwan. HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a ubiquitous all-digital audio/video interface standard used to transfer uncompressed digital audio and video signals through a single cable. HDMI has been widely adopted across the consumer electronics market, making it important for manufacturers to test their HDMI products before the products enter the market to ensure interoperability with the broad range of HDMI devices available to consumers.

Allion offers a comprehensive HDMI Testing Solution, including HDMI interoperability testing, to help manufacturers ensure the highest levels of quality and compliance to the HDMI standard. Allion uses a unique test methodology, the “Allion HD Program,” that focuses on all current HD products in the market to ensure product performance and compatibility. One of the key tests that Allion offers through the HD program is HDMI Compatibility Testing.

HDMI Compatibility Tests consists of four main components:

  • hdmi logoElectrical Testing: The comprehensive electrical test can pinpoint a variety of errors caused by factors such as component, Hot Plug Defect (HPD), firmware or PCB board failure.
  • HDCP Compliance Testing: HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is a protection protocol of digital audio/visual content transmission. This test determines whether an implementation meets HDCP compliance standards and specifications.
  • CEC Compliance Testing: CEC (Consumer Electronic Control) is a protocol that provides high-level control functions among all of the various audio/visual products in a user’s environment. Allion’s CEC tests verify everything from electrical specification to device installation.
  • Interoperability Testing: This test ensures complete interoperability in accordance with the HDMI CTS1.4 test specification, including the recently added HDMI1.4a specification for enhanced 3D content capabilities.

With HDMI so widely adopted in the consumer electronics industry, it is essential that products undergo a rigorous quality and compatibility program. The Allion HD Program covers a wide range of tests that offer manufacturers reassurance of their product’s performance, functionality and compatibility.

View Allion’s HDMI testing presentation slides from the HDMI Test Solution Seminar & Plugfest.

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