May 10 2010

Testing the Google Chrome Browser

google chrome benchmarksAfter working hard to fine-tune and crank up the speed of its offering, Google has released the latest version of the Google Chrome Browser. According to tests and technology pundits, it appears Google’s hard work has paid off, with the latest beta release giving users the fastest Chrome offering to date.

Using a series of benchmarks, Google has demonstrated a dramatic increase in Chrome’s performance. The V8 and SunSpider benchmarks show that the latest browser version has a 30-35 percent speed improvement over its predecessor, marking a 213-305 percent improvement since Google’s very first beta.

In addition to speed, the latest version of Chrome comes with a number of new features.  Users can now sync their bookmarks and browser preferences, including homepage, themes and startup settings, across multiple computers. Users can also use Chrome extensions while in incognito mode, allowing a user to browse privately without recording browsing or download histories. This is also useful when borrowing a PC so as to not disturb the primary user’s browser settings, saved passwords and history.

Google also used a series of non-traditional testing methods to measure the browser’s speed capabilities. You can view the full results below:

Chrome’s speed and features have been appealing to users. According to a recent study by Net Applications, Chrome’s market share has grown steadily since its release in December 2008, nearly doubling from October 2009 to April 2010. With its combination of speed, features and customization options, Google’s Chrome is continuing to gain traction among the vast and varied browser offerings available to users.

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