May 24 2010

OWC Offers a New Level of SSD Performance

mercury extreme pro ssdWhile most solid-state drive (SSD) manufacturers have been attracting new customers by lowering prices, Other World Computing (OWC) is taking a different approach: delivering the most powerful product on the market. OWC announced its new line of Mercury Extreme Pro SSDs, offering exciting performance features in the largest capacity of any current OWC SSD.

The line of prosumer SSDs takes all the benefits of SSDs – faster speeds, greater reliability and lower power consumption – to a whole new level. The Mercury Extreme Pro line delivers up to 285MB/s sustained data rates with no speed degradation, making it one of the fastest SSDs available. In a side-by-side comparison test, the Mercury Extreme Pro SSD booted an OS and loaded six apps in just over 30 seconds, compared to the nearly two minutes it took the factory standard hard drive. The SSDs feature seven percent over-provisioning to offer the highest level of data reliability, offering up to 100x greater data protection than ordinary SSDs. To top it off, the SSDs use up to 1/7 less power than standard SSDs, enabling longer notebook battery runtime and a more energy efficient system.

The SSDs are available for pre-order for both PC and Mac platforms and can be easily installed into notebooks as well as desktop systems with an adapter. They are available in capacities of 60GB, 120GB, 240GB and 480GB for $219.99, $379.00, $699.99 and $1,579.99, respectively.

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