May 19 2010

OCZ’s Enyo Portable SSDs Deliver Top Speeds

enyo ssdThis week, OCZ Technology unveiled an exciting new line of Enyo Portable solid-state drives (SSDs) featuring SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0) technology. The SSDs incorporate all the advantages of an internal SSD – better speed, performance and durability with lower power consumption – into a portable external storage device. This allows consumers to transfer data between multiple computers using one of the fastest backup drives to date.

The Enyo series enables impressive read and write speeds that are sure to please even the most demanding consumers. With up to 260MB/s read, 200MB/s write and 150MB/s sustained write capabilities, the Enyo SSD can copy a 6GB DVD in 20 seconds and a 25GB Blu-ray in 70 seconds. These speeds allow the SSDs to take full advantage of the 5Gbps speeds offered by SuperSpeed USB, a significant speed boost over traditional rotating media. “Background garbage collection” helps maintain optimized performance throughout the product’s lifespan by addressing the fragmentation caused by combined writes while the system idles. The Enyo SSDs are ultra-portable, weighing just 87.7g, are fully backwards-compatible with legacy ports and do not require external power supplies. The SSD line is based on multi-level cell (ML) NAND flash memory and is available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB varieties for $229.99, $409.99 and $819.99, respectively.

SSDs and SuperSpeed USB are continuing to broaden their market reach as products push technological boundaries. As more manufacturers adopt SuperSpeed USB and as SSDs continue to gain traction, manufacturers are capable of delivering the highest level of quality and functionality to their customers. With customers demanding greater speed and performance, we can expect more SSDs and SuperSpeed USB certified devices on the market in the near future.

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