Apr 09 2010

SuperSpeed USB Continues Growth at Devcon

Superspeed USB logoSeventy-five devices have passed SuperSpeed USB certification, the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) announced at the SuperSpeed USB Developers Conference (Devcon) April 1-2 in Taipei, Taiwan. The conference highlighted the growing variety of SuperSpeed USB certified devices, with emerging device classes such as monitors and printers incorporating SuperSpeed USB hubs.

The SuperSpeed USB Devcon featured keynotes from the USB-IF leadership, providing attendees with a comprehensive SuperSpeed USB update and valuable information on incorporating SuperSpeed USB into devices. This year’s keynote speakers included Jeff Ravencraft, president and chair of USB-IF, and Lee Atkinson, distinguished technologist, HP.

It’s clear that SuperSpeed USB is drawing industry attention. SuperSpeed USB’s blazing transfer speed—10x that of Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0)—and two-way data transfer capabilities create exciting new possibilities, such as driving two or more displays at full 1080p resolution while simultaneously reading data from external disk drives. With its continued industry momentum and the number of SuperSpeed USB certified devices up 50 percent in the last month, this technology is taking the first steps toward seeing the same ubiquity as its predecessor, USB 2.0.

“SuperSpeed USB is tracking with [International Data Corporation] IDC’s forecast from last year for its adoption,” said Shane Rau, director of IDC’s Computing and Storage Semiconductors research, in a recent release. “Driven by the need for more and faster data storage capabilities in PCs, we continue to forecast that SuperSpeed USB will ship in 45 percent of mobile PCs in 2010.”

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