Apr 26 2010

MeeGo has Coming-Out Party at IDF Beijing

meego logoEarlier this month in Beijing, Intel provided the first public demonstrations of its new MeeGo mobile Linux platform. The MeeGo, which promises to provide a lightweight yet feature-robust OS for a number of applications, is the result of a partnership with Nokia and previous work in mobile Linux under the banner Moblin (MeeGo = Moblin + Maemo).

Currently being touted for inclusion with smart phones, tablets, connected televisions, netbooks and embedded applications including automotive and digital display verticals, MeeGo provides a compelling solution for designers looking for a robust OS without high cost and complex customization. The solution, which was first shown operating on an Intel-powered netbook, was showcased as providing a substantial set of features for end-users while still being customizable for developers.

As with any off-the-shelf software solution, extensive testing of software and hardware interaction will be necessary to ensure a complete and satisfactory user experience. But with many articles pointing out the promise of MeeGo for low-cost and low-power devices like mobile phones, MeeGo might have the appeal to spread into many different verticals.

Intel is currently targeting a May 2010 release of the open source MeeGo solution. Learn more at the extensive MeeGo website, which includes many resources for developers.