Apr 23 2010

Budget SSD Market Continues to Grow

budget SSDAs the solid-state drive (SSD) market continues to expand, consumers are increasingly able to select features and options to meet their individual needs. While some want the most powerful SSD money can buy, others are looking for the best value. And as more SSDs enter the market, the value-conscious consumer will soon be celebrating.

A number of companies have recently introduced lines of SSDs aimed at the budget-conscious consumer, reducing the cost of an SSD without sacrificing performance. In March, OCZ Technology was one of the first companies to break the $100 barrier with the release of the 32G Onyx SSD. Super Talent Technology recently introduced its own line of value SSDs, dubbed the Super Talent VSSD. The VSSDs are available in capacities from 8G to 64G and start as low as $65.

SSDs offer several benefits over traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). SSDs deliver increased speed and power efficiency, enabling better battery life. The use of flash memory improves data access capabilities, resulting in a shorter bootup time and faster application loading. Overall, SSDs provide a more rugged and portable computing experience than their HDD counterparts.

Budget SSD products continue to emerge, meeting users’ demands for increased speed and performance while keeping costs low. The overall SSD market growth has been incredible, and the trend is expected to continue. For the manufacturers, appealing to budget-conscious consumers may be the best way to see widespread market adoption.

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