Mar 01 2010

Allion Puts LG Monitors to the Test

Allion recently had the opportunity to test the LG Network Monitor, a low-cost solution allowing multiple users to virtually share a PC. The LG monitors were put through a rigorous battery of tests designed to evaluate their performance and compatibility. The results were impressive.

The LG computer monitors first went through the Windows Compatibility Test. Ten monitors were connected to a computer running Microsoft Windows to evaluate their compatibility with the operating system as well as their performance when running multiple applications simultaneously.

The second test performed was the Software Compatibility Test, a “multitasking test” in which various programs ranging from Microsoft Word to professional graphic design software are run simultaneously.

The final test, the Performance Test, measured the frames per second being displayed, examining for any lag or delay in the interconnected monitor installation. Final results exceeded expectations for overall performance and stability. All tests were passed at 90 percent or higher, with several, including the Device Enumeration Test and Power Management Test, passing with 100 percent compatibility. The tests demonstrated the monitors’ exceptional performance under the most demanding circumstances.

LG, in partnership with Allion, produced the accompanying video to document the rigorous nature of Allion’s display test services.

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