Feb 16 2010

Crucial RealSSD C300: It’s Fast

Crucial_RealSSD_C300_angle_hi-res1After months of screen shots, pre-release videos and an appearance at CES, the Crucial RealSSD C300, announced in December, is nearing its public debut.

Sold and distributed by Micron’s retail branch, Crucial, the C300 uses Micron’s firmware and Marvell’s new SATA6Gb/s solid-state drive (SSD) controller to reach new levels of speed and performance.  It is the first SSD to use ONFI 2.1 NAND flash memory, which offers performance of up to 200MB/s while enhancing power management. The C300 will be the industry’s fastest solid-state drive (SSD) for notebooks and desktop PCS.

TweakTown performed a series of SSD tests on the Crucial RealSSD C300 to see how its performance held up to the competition. Using PCMark Vantage, a hardware performance benchmark, to measure and compare performance, they found the C300 far outperformed the other drives on the market. For instance, during gaming the C300 was able to run 201.26MB/s, while the 100GB RunCore Pro V came in second with 154.42MB/s.  The C300 ran Windows Media Center at 261.40 MB/s, with the runner up performing at 190.75MB/s.  The only exception was its abnormally low performance when running Windows Media Player, which testers believe is likely due to a firmware glitch. After zooming through all the tests, without the chance to idle, the C300 showed no significant decrease in performance.

With its improved reliability, lower power consumption and blazing speeds, the C300 offers a new level of computing performance. As TweakTown put it, “At this point in time, there is no other drive, platter or solid state that is in the same league as the Crucial RealSSD C300.” The C300 will be ready for consumers later month. The 125GB model will be available for $499 and the 256GB for $799.