Jan 26 2010

VESA Unveils DisplayPort v1.2

Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has finalized the long awaited DisplayPort v1.2 specification, offering improved performance and a multitude of new features. DisplayPort v1.2, which doubles the transfer rate from the version 1.1 specification from 10.8Gbps to 21.6Gbps, is paving the way for higher performance, faster refresh rates, and 3D stereo display.

Among the new features offered by v1.2 is multi-streaming, allowing users to connect up to four 1920×1200 monitors in a daisy chain or hub configuration while supporting protected content and high performance applications. It can also support bi-directional data transfer, allowing multiple independent, uncompressed data streams, such as USB hubs, video signals, and touch screen panels, to travel over the same cable at up to 720Mbps. DisplayPort v1.2 is backward compatible with DisplayPort v1.1a systems, including existing cables and also the Mini DisplayPort connector.

Keeping up with the 3D bandwagon, v1.2 has improved support for Full HD 3D Stereoscopic displays. It can display life-like HD motion at up to 240 frames per second in full HD (120 frames per second for each eye) in a variety of 3D formats. Its new audio enhancements include support for high def audio formats and video synchronization, as well as the Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) copy protection and category codes.

“DisplayPort is a truly open, flexible, extensible multimedia interconnect standard that is ubiquitous in the PC, notebook and display markets and is rapidly gaining traction in consumer electronics applications. DisplayPort Version v1.2 offers a complete set of benefits and capabilities that no other standard can provide,” said VESA Executive Director Bill Lempesis, in VESA’s January press release.

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