Jan 18 2010

New RF Stream Technology Revolutionizing TV Testing

TV-RF-mapFor TV manufacturers, sustaining the claim of product quality is vital to success; however, the industry has had difficulty consistently delivering on the claim.  Broadcasting systems in different countries and regions produce different RF signals, resulting in high error rates.  Even well-known TV brands can have compatibility issues when receiving signals in different regions.

While field tests have the potential to reduce error rates, they have intrinsic limitations.  Successful field testing in one region does not guarantee that the product will work in nearby areas. Field testing also requires the manufacturers to heavily invest both time and money.

A new way of recording RF stream is revolutionizing how TV manufacturers solve the problem of addressing compatibility with differing RF signals. These RF signals enable developers to test their products by simulating the RF signals from different regions. The TV RF signals can be recorded and saved as the IQ format (TV RF Raw Data), containing the environmental factors and retaining complete parameter data.

The IQ format improves on the previously used TS (Transport Stream) format, where the demodulator reconstructed the signal but lost some of the related features during the process. With this new technology, TV manufacturers will be able to thoroughly test the tuner performance, A/V performance and stream data performance of their products without the high cost of field testing.

Utilizing the new RF Stream recording technology will make it possible for manufacturers to develop products that can live up to their quality claims in any region.