Oct 01 2009

Apple Moves Smaller with Mini DisplayPort

Efficere_DisplayPort_PlugThe Mini DisplayPort interface is a smaller version of the traditional DisplayPort plug and connector, and was first publicly announced by Apple in 2008. Apple products featuring the Mini DisplayPort connector include the MacBook family of laptops, the iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro and the entire Apple Cinema line of displays. The user-friendly Mini DisplayPort connector links the Mac to an LED display, and offers both video and audio support, significantly reducing the number of cables associated with incorporating an external display and speakers.

Mini-DVI vs. Mini DisplayPort
Unlike Mini-DVI and Micro-DVI predecessors, the Mini DisplayPort is capable of displaying the high resolutions commonly associated with 30 inch and larger displays. Large displays are becoming more common as DisplayPort integrators Dell and Apple recently released 30 inch product offerings. Laptops with a Mini DisplayPort can connect a computer with to an external display or projector with a VGA or DVI interface by using an adapter.

In early 2009, VESA announced that it would include Mini DisplayPort in the DisplayPort 1.2 specification.

DisplayPort Testing
Working with an independent test lab for DisplayPort testing will help developers build properly functioning DisplayPort products. DisplayPort test categories include:

The DisplayPort compliance & logo program ensures that products comply with DisplayPort standard guidelines. The DisplayPort Certified Logo ensures that certified products are of high quality and that they will work together seamlessly.