Aug 25 2009

Wireless Power: Charge your phone without plugging in

Duracell__myGridDuracell recently unveiled a wireless charging station for mobile phones called myGrid. The station can simultaneously charge up to four devices. The user simply lays down the device to charge, eliminating the need for a cable. Duracell states that myGrid is as fast as USB 2.0 standard chargers, and myGrid appears to leverage USB adaptors to charge the devices.

Connectors are available for Blackberry, iPhone, Motorola and Nokia devices. Additional charge accessories are available to allow charging devices including MP3 players such as the iPod Touch. The myGrid is set to ship in October 2009 and pricing has not yet been determined.

Installation and use steps for myGrid include inserting the adapter and securing the back. Then, the device is ready to charge. Duracell myGrid appears to be a rebrand of WildCharge, and the high brand awareness of Duracell should pan out well for the product.

The tagline for the new product is Charging Made Simple™. It’s clear that device testing played a role during product development. Testing wireless products includes a unique set of challenges, such as avoiding interference with other wireless devices. We are curious to see what additional devices will begin to take advantage of wireless power.  There should be some great opportunities to test interoperability between devices and wireless charging stations.