Aug 18 2009

New To Device Testing? Check Out Our Test Facility Basics

For those of you new to device testing, here’s a look into product testing at a third party testing facility.

Device testing ensures the quality and interoperability of a product. In order for devices to achieve certification from a company or standards organization, the device must pass compliance tests, which ensure it will work properly with other certified products.

Nearly all companies require conforming a product to stated specifications and protocols to ensure functionality and compatibility with products from other manufacturers. Test procedures are developed in partnership with standards organizations (such as Bluetooth SIG, USB Implementers Forum and Wi-Fi Alliance) and the industry leaders who guide enabling technology.

Device test labs offer test and measurement and can benefit developers throughout each product stage. Using a third party test lab offers neutrality, cutting-edge testing methods and the ability to observe and address trending problems. Testing labs provide valuable feedback to product developers and standards organizations. Using a third party test lab is often a cost effective test solution – developing an in-house test lab calls for expensive equipment that requires frequent updating and a dedicated staff proficient in device testing.

After a device reaches all benchmarks and passes all checkpoints, certification can be established. Working with a trusted test lab throughout product development ensures quality testing and moves the product along through the development cycle.