Jun 01 2009

Ripen into Apple-Mac Compatibility

allion-mac-center-logoWith increased demand for Apple/Mac compatible devices, compatibility testing for products connected to Mac systems has never been more important. To help developers verify interoperability of devices early in the product development cycle, Allion has a full line of Mac computers and Mac OS versions available for third-party software and hardware application testing.

After successfully testing for compatibility, there are several options you can use to promote your Mac compatible device.

  • Compatible with Mac OS X Logo
  • Compatibility Certificate
  • Interoperability Directory

Products that have been verified as compatible with all Mac systems are able to use the “Compatible with Mac OS X” logo, signaling to consumers that they can expect a quality product that is fully functional with their Mac. The logo ensures that the product has gone through rigorous testing in an independent, third-party test lab. Products that pass the compatibility tests in independent labs will be issued a pass certificate as a third-party claim for product interoperability and quality. Products that pass Allion interoperable testing have the right to be listed in the Allion Direct Web site, which provides verified product information for end users.