Jun 22 2009

Integrating WHDI and Wi-Fi

EE Times recently ran a piece highlighting how semiconductor company Amimon is striving to make wirelessly running HD video around the house a possibility. With several companies competing for interoperability in the wireless video space, Chairman and CEO of Amimon, Yoav Nissan-Cohen has a unique solution: “to combine wireless HD video and data.” He is aiming for a wireless network that combines IP-based data and video.

Amimon is a developer of Wireless High-definition Interface (WHDI) technology in the 5 GHz frequency band, and Wi-Fi also operates in this band. Wi-Fi technology is driven by the Wi-Fi Alliance, which launched the Wi-Fi Certified™ program in 2000. Allion currently offers Wi-Fi Alliance testing services for Wi-Fi Alliance members.

While Wi-Fi has penetrated the wireless technology market, it lacks the bandwidth necessary to transfer uncompressed video. Ideally, WHDI can enhance Wi-Fi as it can support high data transfer rates in the 5 GHz unlicensed band. The range of WHDI spans beyond 100 feet and through walls, and latency is under one millisecond, which could marry well with Wi-Fi.

The specifics of how Amimon will combine WHDI with Wi-Fi technology have not been disclosed; however, Nissan-Cohen is anticipating that his company can offer silicon integrating the two technologies before the end of 2010.