Jun 30 2009

HDMI Unveils 1.4 Specification

HDMI_CablesHDMI has announced the latest version of the HDMI specification. The new HDMI 1.4 specification offers several advancements:

  • Adding high-speed networking to an HDMI link, making it possible for consumers to use their IP-enabled peripherals without a separate Ethernet cable.
  • Allowing an HDMI-connected TV with a built-in tuner to send audio data “upstream” to a surround audio system without the need for a separate audio cable.
  • Establishing an infrastructure for implementing 3D video, making it possible for 3D displays and source devices to communicate through an HDMI link.
  • Enabling video resolutions higher than 1080p (4K x 2K video support), paving the way for next-generation displays.
  • Adding support for additional color models used in both digital photography and computer graphics.
  • Offering a new Mirco HDMI connector designed for small, portable devices such as phones that supports video resolutions up 1080p.
  • Offering new cables and connectors for automotive video systems, delivering HD quality in the motoring environment.

The HDMI 1.4 specification is available for download at  http://www.hdmi.org/. Our Allion team currently offers HDMI compliance tests and looks forward to certifying HDMI 1.4 products when they’re available.