May 14 2009

Wi-Fi Certification Adding Value to Products, My WiFi

wi-fi-certifiedTen years ago, the Wi-Fi Alliance formed. Throughout the decade, the organization has been setting standards for interoperability of IEEE 802.11 products. The alliance has also been promoting Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) as a Wi-Fi brand that represents the wireless LAN standard across the globe. In 2000, the first Wi-Fi CERTIFIED® product was announced. Since then, multiple certifications programs have launched and thousands of Wi-Fi devices have been certified.

Today, the Wi-Fi Alliance continues to make selecting its high quality wireless products an easy process for consumers. To ensure a product is Wi-Fi certified, simply look for the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED® logo. Wi-Fi Certification gives users confidence that Wi-Fi devices bearing the logo have passed interoperability certification requirements and will work properly.

Wi-Fi is being leveraged for new technology developments. Recently, Intel introduced My WiFi, a Wi-Fi Personal Area Network (PAN) technology that allows one Wi-Fi adapter in an Intel Centrino 2 processor-based notebook to function like two separate adapters. The Wi-Fi PAN allows Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect to a PC via the My WiFi Technology.

The Wi-Fi Certification programs entail basic connectivity, security, quality of service and authentication tests. Additionally, setup of security-enabled home networks, radio performance, and convergence with cellular applications are included in the programs. Certification ensures tested and proven interoperability among Wi-Fi devices.

To get your product certified, get it tested at an accredited independent lab, authorized to perform certification testing for Wi-Fi Alliance members. For more information about Wi-Fi Alliance, visit the Wi-Fi Alliance Web site: www.wi-fi.org.