May 04 2009

Understanding DisplayPort Compliance Testing

displayport_logoDisplayPort is a digital display interface developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) for PCs, monitors and home-theater systems. The audio-video interconnect standard was designed to decrease display complexity and expedite adoption of protected digital outputs on PCs to support the viewing of high definition and other protected content.

DisplayPort includes DisplayPort Content Protection (DPCP), an optional content protection capability that uses 128-bit AES encryption. DisplayPort signaling is able to pass through DVI and HDMI signals, making DisplayPort compatible with many interconnects already in the market.

In order to verify DisplayPort designs, designers need quality test and measurement tools. Allion is the leading independent test lab accredited by VESA to perform DisplayPort compliance & logo program testing, designed to ensure products have implemented features necessary to comply with DisplayPort standard guidelines.

Allion provides a complete test environment for establishing and validating DisplayPort compliance test claims. By providing a test report, it helps ensure that the device work is in conformance to the DisplayPort compliance program. DisplayPort testing and consultation can accelerate and simplify the process of obtaining the DisplayPort logo.

For the most accurate and up-to-date DisplayPort test, it is important to utilize a DisplayPort testing facility using the latest DisplayPort information from VESA when testing products.