Monthly Archive: April 2009

Apr 27 2009

Localization Testing: The Smart Way to Open New Markets

Product localization involves adapting a product so it can perform under the conditions of a specific region, often by adjusting locale-specific components of the product. Underestimating or failing to invest in product localization/localization testing results in stagnant sales, retail returns, and diminished brand preference by consumers when entering new markets. By utilizing localization testing and …

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Apr 09 2009

A PictBridge Snapshot

Allion recently announced that it now provides both the Printer (PRT) and Digital Camera (DSC) Logo Certification Test Suites to conduct PictBridge tests for customers interested in PictBridge Logo Certification. PictBridge, an industry standard from the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA), allows images to print directly from a digital camera to a printer, without …

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Apr 06 2009

USB Testing: Where to start

Every type of USB product, from devices to hubs to connectors, requires specific USB product testing in order to receive certification from the USB Implementers Forum. Testing is also required for placement on the Integrators List, a list comprised of certified USB products eligible to use the USB-IF logo. It is important to note that …

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Apr 02 2009

Welcome to the Allion Test Lab Resource Center

We at Allion are excited to offer this new test resource center to help answer the common and not-so common questions we receive from developers that come to our labs for device testing.  Our experts have a vast amount of knowledge on functionality, reliability, electrical and benchmarking testing for a wide range of devices. We …

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